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Bipul Kundu

Professional Freelancer as Digital Marketer

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About me

I am an enthusiastic professional freelancer as an advanced digital marketer and Shopify developer, with a rich experience of over 4 years in digital marketing and Shopify website.

I provide professional and effective digital marketing services and productive marketing strategies.

With years of experience in Digital Marketing and Shopify Development I have mastered the skills of understanding client requirements according to the latest trends. I have worked with businesses from different niches so you can rely on me for yours.

I’ve spent most of these years working across different areas of advertising, audience tracking, GMC, GA4, GTM, GMB, and Shopify development sectors. *For advertising, I worked with many social media and search engine platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Google, Bing, etc. I worked at those platforms for website traffic ads, landing page view ads, video views ads, engagement, conversion, local store visits, also lead ads too. In audience tracking I worked with Facebook pixel and conversion API, Shopify conversion API, Google analytics, TikTok pixel, Pinterest conversion, LinkedIn conversion, Google and Bing conversion too. Having worked on various projects that are already live, I can help you with the best possible suggestions and ideas that we can proceed with. With me, you aren’t forced to accept anything. I give you a variety of options we can work on together…

Which services are you can get from my all services?

From understanding your requirements, making a plan and delivering the final strategy, I do everything that falls in between these lines.

Management / VA

An effective management strategy is what captures attention and spreads a clear message to the targeted customers. I make sure the management strategy is innovative and effective with all of this. As a professional digital marketer in my social media management services, I provide all social media accounts & business account creations, setup also optimizations. I research audiences, competitors, hashtags & keywords to make the best management strategy...


With over 4+ years of dedicated experience, I specialize in leveraging the power of social media platforms to elevate brand visibility and drive targeted engagement. I've curated highly effective advertising campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. You can see my portfolio I have completed almost A$200k as Facebook ads spending for a single Ad account of a single client. Also, I worked with a lot of companies and their various social media ad accounts. "I am" My proficiency extends to...

Audience Tracking

In digital advertising, the key to a successful campaign depends on audience targeting. Audience targeting is the ability to reach the right audience at the right time with a tailored message. This is where audience targeting and creation play a pivotal role, and it's a realm where my expertise truly shines. With my expertise in audience segmentation, meticulous refinement, and data-driven optimization, I bring forth a tailored approach that ensures your message reaches the audience most likely to convert....

Shopify Development

Shopify development refers to the process of creating, customizing, and optimizing online stores using the Shopify platform. We can modify the design elements, including colors, fonts, layout, and more. Additionally, we can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid (Shopify's templating language) to create custom features or modify existing ones to meet specific needs ( Like:- new page creation, extra page or section creation, one-page checkout, dynamic page creation, etc)...


Social Media, Search Engine and Business store Management​ 100%
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
All advertising, Audience tracking, Remarketing, & KPI Reporting 100%
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
All advertising, Audience tracking, Remarketing, & KPI Reporting 100%
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO 89.71%
Shopify Customization and Development
Shopify theme Design, Development, Extra effort 91.18%

My Experience

17-08-2019 To 22-12-2019

Social Media & Campaign Manager

After completing my "Advanced Digital Marketing and Shopify Development" course at Webcoder-it, I joined my training center as a part-time social media & campaign manager. I worked with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and their ads campaigns on Facebook & Instagram.

20-12-2019 To 14-07-2021

Advertising & Tracking

When my trainers were sure about my Social media management skills then they provided me with 2 more great opportunities. 1- Website tracking from Social Media ads, and 2- Google Advertising. In this time I work for Facebook Pixel Tracking and then Conversion API tracking. After tracking I made custom audiences and lookalike audiences to set up re-marketing campaigns. Also, Google and Bing's campaigns are created by me.

13-08-2021 To 31-12-2021

Shopify Design, Development and GMC Reactivations

I was part of an amazing design team and worked together with them to help design and develop Shopify themes and websites for different clients of the company in the USA, UK, Canada, Pakistan, India, etc. countries. Actually, we worked to re-activate the Google Merchant Centers. We made websites and created Google Merchant Center accounts according to Google Shopping ads and Merchant policy. Then we verified the GMC account with the website, after completing all processes we sent the merchant center for Google review.


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